by The Surrogates

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Recorded and Mixed December 16th At S&S Studios in Auburn, NY by Gabe And Josh. FREE DOWNLOAD JUST ENTER 0 IN THE NAME YOUR OWN PRICE


released December 29, 2012



all rights reserved


The Surrogates Syracuse, New York

Syracuse Pop Punk formed in 2010.

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Track Name: Thieves And Liars
Dead leaves piled up in the gutters, no work crews today
You can't wash this away
I hope I'm there to watch it fall apart
I hope it breaks your sad excuse for a heart
I hope you fill with terror at the realization of what you have done
I await that day
But where are you now?
We let you sell your soul for pennies on the dollars that we all earned
Some people never fucking learn, so you came and you took
Tell me the last time you earned your fair share
Tell me what's sensible, tell me what's fair
Tell me what's wrong or right
I guess it's your right to take all that you can
Like a parasite living in the skin of a man
So tell me, what's wrong or right
What's wrong?
Track Name: Love Song To The Apocalypse
So disgusted by the sickness of the world
Let's tear it down until it's just me and you
We could fight the waves, build barricades and plug our ears
And cry each other's tears
I wanna cry your tears
I've got a backup plan for every situation you could guess
If we get in a mess
And we will truly know what it means to be alive and be in love
If we can just survive
So throw away everything you know
Scatter the ashes and let it go
Track Name: Suspenders
You've got a lot of bad ideas
And the best useless apologies
I've been here before, I can't take any more
The last time you showed up late I should have locked my door
Wake up, wake up
Take back the times you were a dick
The way you treated her makes me sick
You wanna be my friend, but in the end
The ones I call friend are the ones I pick
I should have known it would end this way
Now I've got nothing left to say
And I won't hold you up for even one more day
Track Name: Would You Let Me?
And I'm filled with chemicals, the nausea, and bills piling up
So what can I do to show you need to finally give it up

Came to grips with it long and Hope one day you will do the same
What can I do to you to show you I'm done with all the pain

You kick and scream and curse drs out, found god, you pray until I shout

I'm dying slowly
Would you fucking let me?

Instead beg and plead and scream
Don't want me to give up
You push and pull but I'm telling you im dying slowly
Would you fucking let me?

Anticipation hits for when the tubes and ivs will come out

No longer scared of what's to come not keeping track blood cell counts

Please give me the dignity fade away and blow the candles out

For once let me be selfish and  for once let me be blunt

I'm done I'm through I quit the shurade is finally up
You scared to death but I yelling that

I'm dying slowly
Would you fucking let me?

Instead you push and pull and plead and curse the drs out
Found god, you pray but I'm telling you

I'm dying slowly
Would you fucking let

For me the acceptance definitely wasn't even the hardest part

It was thinking of the way of telling you

I'm dying slowly
Would you fucking let me

I came to grips so long ago so now it's time you know

That I'm dying slowly
Would you fucking let me

I came to grips so long ago
So now it's time you let me go.
Track Name: Trainwreck
We're two moonlight shivers
Two hairline cracks in some frozen waterfall
Disaster waiting to be born
And like doomed birds of prey we are circling 
Til we come crashing to the ground
So close your eyes and make no sound
Just close your eyes and make no sound
Trainwreck, I can feel it in my bones
Trainwreck, from my head to my toes
We walk on broken glass that sparkles in the streetlights
Over ancient concrete that crumbles underfoot
We tore the last page from all our favorite books
Like two scavengers we are ravenous
Already chewed the carcass clean
And I will pick at you til there is nothing left
Now there ain't nothing left
Trainwreck, I can feel it in my bones
Trainwreck, from my head to my toes
And I know you feel it too
Track Name: One Size Fits You
Stomping loud heels, your high profile job
He's roasting coffee with a dying dog
Oh my god he's got a lot of nerve
You went in there looking for some respect
You got your coffee and a fuck lot less
Now you don't have to think about another person's mouth
We are so wasteful with our drinks, but not today
It's rich and dark with a subtle aroma
Hold on a minute try this bean, you gotta eat this bean
It'll pick you up and you needed it so much
And the bitterness will hit you as you climb back in your car
Fucking disgusted at the pig you are
What a pig you are